NPCC – Canadian Poetry Volume One edited by Jack David and Robert Lecker

Canadian Poetry Volume One edited by Jack David and George Woodcock (New Press Canadian Classics) front coverCanadian Poetry Volume One

From the Back Cover:

From the Introduction by George Woodcock

Anthologies have always assumed a critical role in establishing standards within a country’s literature and in marking changes in the criteria of appreciation – how we read and value poetry…In Canadian Poetry…there are signs of more sharply defined choices than in earlier anthologies, of a surer sense of the direction Canadian poetry has taken…More than forty critics have had a hand in this selection, and this inevitably makes it different in character from the miscellany that is the work of one anthologist…The book by many hands makes up, in the greater fairness and sensitivity of many of its individual selections, for that loosening of the central inspiring vision which takes place when an effort becomes collective.

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