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Series One Collage

Series One Collage

The first version or series of the library began publishing in 1958. The titles sold in $1.00 to $2.50 range depending on the time the book was issued (a book sent to market in 1958 would be cheaper than the same book sent to market in 1960) and the number of pages the book included (a 100 page book would be cheaper than a 300 page book).

The Design

The overall design of the books was white with splashes of colour to add appeal. The colored splashes ran up the left side of the front cover and the left and right sides of the back cover. Running across the bottom fifth of the cover was a set of dots. Above the dots was information about the book and below was information about the series.

The Front Cover

The front cover included five areas of information. Running up the left side was the author’s name, across the top was the book title, in the middle was a portrait sketch of the author, below the dots was a rectangular block showing the book’s series number and to the right of it, the library name and book price.

The Back Cover

The back cover showed the synopsis of the book. It ran between the colour splashes. The cover design artist’s name was below the synopsis, and below the dots was the library name and book price with a rectangular block to the right. The block contained the letters NC rather than the N# you saw on the front cover.

The Spine

The spine gave the purchaser four pieces of information. Starting at the top, it showed first the book title, then the rectangular NC, followed by the author’s name and finally the series number. An unusual aspect of the lettering is that it’s turned sideways in a counter-clockwise position. The standard for almost all books is the opposite. They change it to the clockwise position in Series Two.

NCL Series One in my Collection

Book CoverSeries NumberBook TitleAuthor
New Canadian Library Over Prairie Trails Book Cover1Over Prairie TrailsFrederick Philip Grove
2Such Is My BelovedMorley Callaghan
3Literary LapsesStephen Leacock
4As for Me and My HouseSinclair Ross
New Canadian Library The Tin Flute Book Cover5The Tin FluteGabrielle Roy
6The ClockmakerThomas C. Haliburton
7The Last Barrier and Other StoriesCharles G. D. Roberts
New Canadian Library Barometer Rising Book Cover8Barometer RisingHugh MacLennan
New Canadian Library At the Tide's Turn Book Cover9At the Tide’s Turn and Other StoriesThomas H. Raddall
10Arcadian Adventures with the Idle RichStephen Leacock
New Canadian Library Habitant Poems Book Cover11Habitant PoemsWilliam Henry Drummond
12Thirty AcresRinguet
New Canadian Library The Man From Glengarry Book Cover14The Man From GlengarryRalph Connor
15Sunshine Sketches of a Little TownStephen Leacock
New Canadian Library The Stepsure Letters Book Cover16The Stepsure LettersThomas McCulloch
New Canadian Library More Joy in Heaven Book Cover17More Joy in HeavenMorley Callaghan
19The Master of the MillFrederick Philip Grove
New Canadian Library The Imperialist Book Cover20The ImperialistSara Jeannette Duncan
New Canadian Library The Second Scroll Book Cover22The Second ScrollA. M. Klein
New Canadian Library The Mountain and the Valley Book Cover23The Mountain and the ValleyErnest Buckler
New Canadian Library The Rich Man Book Cover24The Rich ManHenry Kreisel
New Canadian Library Where Nests the Water Hen Book Cover25Where Nests the Water HenGabrielle Roy
New Canadian Library The Town Below Book Cover26The Town BelowRoger Lemelin
28My Discovery of EnglandStephen Leacock
New Canadian Library Swamp Angel Book Cover29Swamp AngelEthel Wilson
New Canadian Library Each Man's Son Book Cover30Each Man’s SonHugh MacLennan
New Canadian Library Roughing It in the Bush Book Cover31Roughing It in the BushSusanna Moodie
New Canadian Library White Narcissus Book Cover32White NarcissusRaymond Knister
33They Shall Inherit the EarthMorley Callaghan
New Canadian Library Turvey Book Cover34TurveyEarle Birney
New Canadian Library Nonsense Novels Book Cover35Nonsense NovelsStephen Leacock
36GrainRobert J. C. Stead
New Canadian Library Last of the Curlews Book Cover37Last of the CurlewsFred Bodsworth
38The Nymph and the LampThomas H. Raddall
New Canadian Library Judith Hearne Book Cover39Judith HearneBrian Moore
41Under the Ribs of DeathJohn Marlyn
42Woodsmen of the WestM. Allerdale Grainger
New Canadian Library Moonbeams from the Larger Lunacy Book Cover43Moonbeams from the Larger LunacyStephen Leacock
44Sarah BinksPaul Hiebert
New Canadian Library Winter Studies and Summer Rambles in Canada Book Cover46Winter Studies and Summer Rambles in CanadaAnna Brownell Jameson
New Canadian Library Remember Me Book Cover47Remember MeEdward Meade
48Frenzied FictionStephen Leacock
New Canadian Library Fruits of the Earth Book Cover49Fruits of the EarthFrederick Philip Grove
New Canadian Library Settlers of the Marsh Book Cover50Settlers of the MarshFrederick Philip Grove
New Canadian Library The Backwoods of Canada Book Cover51The Backwoods of CanadaCatharine Parr Traill
52Music at the CloseEdward McCourt
New Canadian Library My Remarkable Uncle Book Cover53My Remarkable UncleStephen Leacock
New Canadian Library The Double Hook Book Cover54The Double HookSheila Watson
55Tiger Dunlop’s Upper CanadaWilliam Dunlop
57Short CircuitsStephen Leacock
New Canadian Library Wacousta Book Cover58WacoustaJohn Richardson
New Canadian Library The Stone Angel Book Cover59The Stone AngelMargaret Laurence
New Canadian Library Further Foolishness Book Cover60Further FoolishnessStephen Leacock
New Canadian Library The Lamp at Noon and Other Stories Book Cover62The Lamp at Noon and Other StoriesSinclair Ross
63The Harbor MasterTheodore Goodridge Roberts
New Canadian Library The Golden Dog Book Cover65The Golden DogWilliam Kirby
New Canadian Library The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz Book Cover66The Apprenticeship of Duddy KravitzMordecai Richler
New Canadian Library A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder Book Cover68A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper CylinderJames De Mille

NCL Series One Originals in my Collection

Book CoverSeries NumberBook TitleAuthor
New Canadian Library Masks of Fiction Book CoverO2Masks of FictionA. J. M. Smith (Editor)
New Canadian Library Masks of Poetry Book CoverO3Masks of PoetryA. J. M. Smith (Editor)
New Canadian Library Poetry of Mid-Century Book CoverO4Poetry of Mid-CenturyMilton Wilson (Editor)
New Canadian Library Poets Between the Wars Book CoverO5Poets Between the WarsMilton Wilson (Editor)

NCL Series One Writers in my Collection

Book CoverSeries NumberBook TitleAuthor
New Canadian Library Margaret Laurence Book CoverW3Margaret LaurenceClara Thomas

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