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Series Two Collage

Series Two Collage

The second version of the series began publication around 1969 and it changed the whole design into what most think is the ugliest of all the versions. They sold in the $1.50 to $3.50 range over the course of their publication.

The Design

The design is considered by most as the ugliest of the six. The colors used were bright, neon purples, oranges, greens, browns, reds, yellows, pinks and blues were used that hurt the eyes when looked at. The book was bordered in one bright colour and then another bright colour was used inside.

The Front Cover

The front cover had three rectangular sections inside a coloured border, the top prints a quote from a famous critic or publication about the author, the middle section tells us the author and title, and the lower shows us an abstract design in a black background. Inside the coloured border at the top is the book’s series number.

The Back Cover

The back cover is one solid colour inside its border with the series information, publisher’s name, price and reprint number at the top. Below is an image of the author and at the bottom is the book’s synopsis. Below the synopsis is the name of the writer who gives the introduction to the book. There is a variation in Series Two which instead of using an image of the author, it copies the design of the front cover. See A Variation in Series Two for more details. Also, some books, if the publishers have no image of the author, fill the extra space with an expanded synopsis of the book.

The Spine

The spine shows us the author name (top), book title (middle), series number (bottom) and the NC logo (middle between author and title).  The lettering is sideways, turned clockwise, unlike Series One which turned counter-clockwise.

The Design Changes Over Its History

Series Two went through three designs, or four if you include the hybrid that arose just before Series Three was released.

The design of the books mentioned in the paragraphs above is the most popular and easily found of all the covers but it was not the first design. It was the third.

The first design looked very similar to the third except that the lettering on the spine and at the top of the front cover was in white rather than black. The back cover also looked different in that instead of having one large rectangular border with an image of the author (in most cases) it followed the front design with three blocks (a coloured block on top, a white block in the middle and a black block on the bottom). Also, the author and/or title, printed on the front cover was not in the normal lettering but in an italicized lower case print. Lastly, the “N” that you see joining the numbering at the bottom of the spine for the third design is missing. Here is an example:

The First Design

The First Design

The second design matched the first except that the lettering on the spine and the top of the front cover was in black rather than white. Here is an example:

The Clockmaker variation

The Second Design

The fourth design, if we can include it, was the same as the third design except that the spine matches the Series Three design and the back cover at the bottom includes an ISBN number. I have only found one book in this design (below) unlike the several I have found for the first two designs, therefore I am hesitant to definitely claim it as a design rather than an anomaly. Saying that, the change to this design most likely was prompted by three factors. The first is that M&S changed printing companies (leaving T. H. Best and hiring Webcom). The second is that the ISBN system was implemented at the time and M&S, along with most other publishers, began printing all their books with the ISBN number included. The third is that the designers of the NCL were probably still in the process of collecting all the pieces for the Series Three design and hadn’t finished it in time before the need to issue more books had arrived. Here is an example of the fourth design cover:

The Fourth Design

The Fourth Design

NCL Series Two in my Collection

Book CoverSeries NumberBook TitleAuthor
New Canadian Library Over Prairie Trails Book Cover1Over Prairie TrailsFrederick Philip Grove
2Such Is My BelovedMorley Callaghan
3Literary LapsesStephen Leacock
4As for Me and My HouseSinclair Ross
5The Tin FluteGabrielle Roy
6The ClockmakerThomas C. Haliburton
New Canadian Library The Last Barrier and Other Stories Book Cover7The Last Barrier and Other StoriesCharles G. D. Roberts
8Barometer RisingHugh MacLennan
New Canadian Library At the Tide's Turn and Other Stories Book Cover9At the Tide’s Turn and Other StoriesThomas H. Raddall
10Arcadian Adventures with the Idle RichStephen Leacock
New Canadian Library Habitant Poems Book Cover11Habitant PoemsWilliam Henry Drummond
12Thirty AcresRinguet
New Canadian Library Earth and High Heaven Book Cover13Earth and High HeavenGwethalyn Graham
14The Man From GlengarryRalph Connor
15Sunshine Sketches of a Little TownStephen Leacock
17More Joy in HeavenMorley Callaghan
New Canadian Library Wild Geese Book Cover18Wild GeeseMartha Ostenso
New Canadian Library The Master of the Mill Book Cover19The Master of the MillFrederick Philip Grove
20The ImperialistSara Jeannette Duncan
New Canadian Library Delight Book Cover21DelightMazo de la Roche
New Canadian Library The Second Scroll Book Cover22The Second ScrollA. M. Klein
23The Mountain and the ValleyErnest Buckler
New Canadian Library Where Nests the Water Hen Book Cover25Where Nests the Water HenGabrielle Roy
New Canadian Library The Town Below Book Cover26The Town BelowRoger Lemelin
New Canadian Library The History of Emily Montague Book Cover27The History of Emily MontagueFrances Brooke
29Swamp AngelEthel Wilson
31Roughing It in the BushSusanna Moodie
33They Shall Inherit the EarthMorley Callaghan
New Canadian Library Turvey Book Cover34TurveyEarle Birney
New Canadian Library Nonsense Novels Book Cover35Nonsense NovelsStephen Leacock
New Canadian Library Last of the  Curlews Book Cover37Last of the CurlewsFred Bodsworth
New Canadian Library The Nymph and the Lamp Book Cover38The Nymph and the LampThomas H. Raddall
New Canadian Library Judith Hearne Book Cover39Judith HearneBrian Moore
New Canadian Library The Cashier Book Cover40The CashierGabrielle Roy
New Canadian Library Under the Ribs of Death Book Cover41Under the Ribs of DeathJohn Marlyn
New Canadian Library Moonbeams From the Larger Lunacy Book Cover43Moonbeams from the Larger LunacyStephen Leacock
New Canadian Library Sarah Binks Book Cover44Sarah BinksPaul Hiebert
New Canadian Library Son of a Smaller Hero Book Cover45Son of a Smaller HeroMordecai Richler
New Canadian Library Winter Studies and Summer Rambles in Canada Book Cover46Winter Studies and Summer Rambles in CanadaAnna Brownell Jameson
New Canadian Library Frenzied Fiction Book Cover48Frenzied FictionStephen Leacock
New Canadian Library Fruits of the Earth Book Cover49Fruits of the EarthFrederick Philip Grove
New Canadian Library Settlers of the Marsh Book Cover50Settlers of the MarshFrederick Philip Grove
New Canadian Library The Backwoods of Canada Book Cover51The Backwoods of CanadaCatharine Parr Traill
New Canadian Library Music at the Close Book Cover52Music at the CloseEdward McCourt
New Canadian Library My Remarkable Uncle Book Cover53My Remarkable UncleStephen Leacock
New Canadian Library The Double Hook Book Cover54The Double HookSheila Watson
New Canadian Library Street of Riches Book Cover56Street of RichesGabrielle Roy
New Canadian Library Short Circuits Book Cover57Short CircuitsStephen Leacock
New Canadian Library Wacousta Book Cover58WacoustaJohn Richardson
New Canadian Library The Stone Angel Book Cover59The Stone AngelMargaret Laurence
New Canadian Library Further Foolishness Book Cover60Further FoolishnessStephen Leacock
New Canadian Library Samuel Marchbanks' Almanack Book Cover61Samuel Marchbanks’ AlmanackRobertson Davies
New Canadian Library The Lamp at Noon and Other Stories Book Cover62The Lamp at Noon and Other StoriesSinclair Ross
New Canadian Library The Canadian Settler's Guide Book Cover64The Canadian Settler’s GuideCatharine Parr Traill
New Canadian Library The Golden Dog Book Cover65The Golden DogWilliam Kirby
New Canadian Library The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz Book Cover66The Apprenticeship of Duddy KravitzMordecai Richler
New Canadian Library Behind the Beyond Book Cover67Behind the BeyondStephen Leacock
New Canadian Library Last Leaves Book Cover69Last LeavesStephen Leacock
New Canadian Library The Tomorrow-Tamer Book Cover70The Tomorrow-TamerMargaret Laurence
New Canadian Library Odysseus Ever Returning Book Cover71Odysseus Ever ReturningGeorge Woodcock
New Canadian Library Winnowed Wisdom Book Cover74Winnowed WisdomStephen Leacock
New Canadian Library The Seats of the Mighty Book Cover75The Seats of the MightyHoratio Gilbert Parker
New Canadian Library A Search for America Book Cover76A Search for AmericaFrederick Philip Grove
New Canadian Library The Betrayal Book Cover77The BetrayalHenry Kreisel
New Canadian Library Mad Shadows Book Cover78Mad ShadowsMarie-Claire Blais
New Canadian Library The Incomparable Atul Book Cover79The Incomparable AtukMordecai Richler
New Canadian Library The Luck of Ginger Coffey Book Cover80The Luck of Ginger CoffeyBrian Moore
New Canadian Library John Sutherland Essays, Controversies and Poems Book Cover81John Sutherland: Essays, Controversies and PoemsJohn Sutherland, Miriam Waddington (Editor)
New Canadian Library Peace Shall Destrot Many Book Cover82Peace Shall Destroy ManyRudy Henry Wiebe
New Canadian Library A Voice From The Attic Book Cover83A Voice From The AtticRobertson Davies
New Canadian Library Prochain Episode Book Cover84Prochain EpisodeHubert Aquin
New Canadian Library Roger Sudden Book Cover85Roger SuddenThomas H. Raddall
New Canadian Library The Fire-Dwellers Book Cover87The Fire-DwellersMargaret Laurence
New Canadian Library The Deserter Book Cover88The DeserterDouglas LePan
New Canadian Library Antoinette de Mirecourt Book Cover89Antoinette de MirecourtRosanna Leprohon
New Canadian Library Allegro Book Cover90AllegroFelix Leclerc
New Canadian Library The End of the World and Other Stories Book Cover91The End of the World and Other StoriesMavis Gallant
New Canadian Library The Edible Woman Book Cover93The Edible WomanMargaret Atwood
New Canadian Library In Search of Myself Book Cover94In Search of MyselfFrederick Philip Grove
New Canadian Library A Feast of Stephen Book Cover95Feast of StephenRobertson Davies
New Canadian Library A Bird in the House Book Cover96A Bird in the HouseMargaret Laurence
New Canadian Library Pride's Fancy Book Cover98Pride’s FancyThomas H. Raddall
New Canadian Library Ox Bells and Fireflies Book Cover99Ox Bells and FirefliesErnest Buckler
New Canadian Library Above Ground Book Cover100Above GroundJack Ludwig
New Canadian Library The Flying Years Book Cover102The Flying YearsFrederick Niven
New Canadian Library Wind Without Rain Book Cover103Wind Without RainSelwyn Dewdney
New Canadian Library Tete Blanche Book Cover104Tête BlancheMarie-Claire Blais
New Canadian Library Tay John Book Cover105Tay JohnHoward O’Hagan
New Canadian Library Canadians of Old Book Cover106Canadians of OldPhilippe Aubert de Gaspé (Charles G. D. Roberts, Translator)
New Canadian Library Headwaters of Canadian Literature Book Cover107Headwaters of Canadian LiteratureArchibald MacMechan
New Canadian Library The Hidden Mountain Book Cover109The Hidden MountainGabrielle Roy
New Canadian Library The Heart of the Ancient Wood Book Cover110The Heart of the Ancient WoodCharles G. D. Roberts
New Canadian Library A Jest of God Book Cover111A Jest of GodMargaret Laurence
New Canadian Library Dust Over the City Book Cover113Dust Over the CityAndré Langevin
New Canadian Library Our Daily Bread Book Cover114Our Daily BreadFrederick Philip Grove
New Canadian Library The Canadian Novel in the Twentieth Century Book Cover115The Canadian Novel in the Twentieth CenturyGeorge Woodcock (Editor)
117Down the Long TableEarle Birney
New Canadian Library Glengarry School Days Book Cover118Glengarry School DaysRalph Connor
New Canadian Library The Disinherited Book Cover121The DisinheritedMatt Cohen
122The Temptations of Big BearRudy Henry Wiebe
New Canadian Library Pandora Book Cover123PandoraSylvia Fraser
New Canadian Library House of Hate Book Cover124House of HatePercy Janes
125A Candle to Light the SunPatricia Blondal
126This Side JordanMargaret Laurence
New Canadian Library The Red Feathers Book Cover127The Red FeathersTheodore Goodridge Roberts
New Canadian Library I Am Mary Dunne Book Cover128I Am Mary DunneBrian Moore
New Canadian Library The Road Past Altamont Book Cover129The Road Past AltamontGabrielle Roy
New Canadian Library The Manawaka World of Margaret Laurence Book Cover131The Manawaka World of Margaret LaurenceClara Thomas
New Canadian Library Consider Her Ways Book Cover132Consider Her WaysFrederick Philip Grove
New Canadian Library A Choice of Enemies Book Cover136A Choice of EnemiesMordecai Richler
New Canadian Library The Master's Wife Book Cover138The Master’s WifeSir Andrew Macphail
New Canadian Library The Cruelest Month Book Cover139The Cruelest MonthErnest Buckler
New Canadian Library Wild Animals I Have Known Book Cover141Wild Animals I Have KnownErnest Thompson Seton
New Canadian Library On Poetry and Poets Book Cover143On Poetry and PoetsA. J. M. Smith
New Canadian Library Sawbones Memorial Book Cover145Sawbones MemorialSinclair Ross
New Canadian Library The Diviners Book Cover146The DivinersMargaret Laurence
New Canadian Library Wooden Hunters Book Cover149Wooden HuntersMatt Cohen
New Canadian Library God's Sparrows Book Cover150God's SparrowsPhilip Child
New Canadian Library The Great Comic Book Heroes and Other Essays Book Cover152The Great Comic Book Heroes and Other EssaysMordecai Richler

NCL Series Two Originals in my Collection

Book CoverSeries NumberBook TitleAuthor
O1Poets of the ConfederationMalcolm Ross (Editor)
New Canadian Library Masks of Fiction Book CoverO2Masks of FictionA. J. M. Smith (Editor)
New Canadian Library Masks of Poetry Book CoverO3Masks of PoetryA. J. M. Smith (Editor)
New Canadian Library Poetry of Mid-Century Book Cover04Poetry of Mid-CenturyMilton Wilson (Editor)
O5Poets Between the WarsMilton Wilson (Editor)
New Canadian Library The Poems of Earle Birney Book CoverO6The Poems of Earle BirneyEarle Birney
O7Poets of Contemporary CanadaEli Mandel (Editor)
New Canadian Library Nineteenth-Century Narrative Poems Book coverO8Nineteenth-Century Narrative PoemsDavid Sinclair (Editor)
New Canadian Library The Poems of Bliss Carman Book CoverO9The Poems of Bliss CarmanBliss Carman
New Canadian Library The Poems of Irving Layton Book CoverO12The Selected Poems of Irving LaytonIrving Layton

NCL Series Two Writers in my Collection

Book CoverSeries NumberBook TitleAuthor
New Canadian Library Margaret Laurence Book CoverW3Margaret LaurenceClara Thomas
New Canadian Library Hugh MacLennan Book CoverW8Hugh MacLennanAlec Lucas
W10Northrop FryeRonald Bates
W11Malcolm LowryWilliam H. New
W12James ReaneyRoss G. Woodman

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    So far I only have nine of the forth designs of this series.

    I see that my most recent find ‘A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder’ hasn’t made your list yet, I saw you asked someone for a scan of a book you didn’t have, so if you wanted I could email you pictures.

  2. There are over 800 books in total if my memory serves me correctly. Presently I have another 50 or so books that need uploading but Im in the middlle of another project right now. Once I complete it I will be returning to adding more books and blog posts. Once I catch up with that then I will be looking for some images.

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