TBCP – Series Four

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Series Four, published beginning in 1988, contains a total of 108 books*. The books below are in alphabetical order by title.

* there may be missing titles in this list. The NCL did not number these books or advertise a complete list of Series Four titles therefore a few may have escaped my notice.

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4 thoughts on “TBCP – Series Four

  1. I have a copy of W.O. Mitchell – Who Has Seen the Wind; and Ralph Connor – Glengarry School Days without the ISBN # in the upper-left corner.

  2. Yes,those two are for Series Four.

    For Laurentian Library the first six are:
    1. Hugh Maclennan – TWO SOLITUDES
    2. Colin McDougall – EXECUTION
    3. D. J. Goodspeed – THE CONSPIRATORS
    4. Orlo Miller – THE DONNELLYS MUST DIE
    5. Morley Callaghan – MORLEY CALLAGHAN’S STORIES
    6. Ethel Wilson – HETTY DORVAL

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