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Series Three Collage

Series Three Collage

The third version of the series began around 1978 when Malcolm Ross left the general editorship of the library. They sold in the $3.95 to $6.95 range, at least for the earlier titles published. At some point in the series’ publication they removed the pricing on the back cover of the books.

The Design

The design of the books returned to the colour of the first series where white was the background colour on all the books. Black was used for everything else except for the book title. Instead of an abstract design, used in second series, or an artist portrait of the author, used in the first series, Series Three used black and white photographs or illustrations as the main artwork for the cover. There also were no borders used.

The only major variation in design for the series was the creation of a “New Canadian Library Classic” designation for some of the books. It was an attempt by the editors and Jack McClelland to create a set of classics in Canadian literature that is so common in other countries. When you think of Great Britain, Charles Dickens and William Shakespeare come to mind, for the United States, Mark Twain and Herman Melville tend to be spoken of, but for Canada there was no set of classics that could be easily brought to the forefront. McClelland tried to begin such a list with certain books in the series by bringing together a panel of critics and experts called the Canadian Classics Committee to put in minds of the readers a set of books within the NCL that could be considered classics of Canadian literature.

The few books that made the list have gold used as the colour of the book title, NCL logo, and the ticker tape design that runs across the front cover. The project had a short life and was abandoned once the Series Four design was used.

The Front Cover

The front cover contains four elements. It begins with the author’s name in large black print at the top. Below is a ticker-tape design with black print stating “New Canadian Library” (or “New Canadian Library Classic” in a bolder print and gold background) The book title follows in an bright colour such as red, yellow or blue (or gold for the “Classics” designation). And at the bottom is a photograph or illustration in black and white.

The Back Cover

The back cover begins with a quote followed by a synopsis of the book. Some books also include a portrait of the author. At the bottom is an information list showing the series number, book publisher, photograph/illustration owner, and ISBN number. If the book is part of the “Classics” designation you also will find a quote from the classics committee. Early prints include a price. Later prints remove the price and the latest prints remove the series number and replace it with the McClelland & Stewart logo. For the books that have the series number removed, it can still be found on the copyright page.

The Spine

The spine shows the NCL logo at the top (in black for a regular book or gold for the “Classics” designation). Below the NCL logo is the author’s name in black print followed by the book title in same colour as the front cover (in the “Classics” designation it is in black). At the bottom is the publisher’s M&S logo (later prints show an updated logo that includes the “open book” design).

NCL Series Three in my Collection

Book CoverSeries NumberBook TitleAuthor
New Canadian Library Such Is My Beloved Book Cover2Such Is My BelovedMorley Callaghan
As For Me and My House by Sinclair Ross book cover4As for Me and My HouseSinclair Ross
New Canadian Library The Tin Flute book cover5The Tin FluteGabrielle Roy
New Canadian Library The Clockmaker Book Cover6The ClockmakerThomas C. Haliburton
New Canadian Library Barometer Rising Book Cover8Barometer RisingHugh MacLennan
New Canadian Library Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town Book Cover15Sunshine Sketches of a Little TownStephen Leacock
New Canadian Library Wild Geese book cover18Wild GeeseMartha Ostenso
New Cnadian Library The Imperialist Book Cover20The ImperialistSara Jeannette Duncan
New Canadian Library The Mountain and the Valley Book Cover23The Mountain and the ValleyErnest Buckler
New Canadian Library Where Nests the Water Hen Book Cover25Where Nests the Water HenGabrielle Roy
New Canadian Library The History of Emily Montague Book Cover27The History of Emily MontagueFrances Brooke
New Canadian Library The Swamp Angel Book Cover29Swamp AngelEthel Wilson
New Canadian Library Roughing It in the Bush Book Cover31Roughing It in the BushSusanna Moodie
New Canadian Library They Shall Inherit the Earth Book Cover33They Shall Inherit the EarthMorley Callaghan
New Canadian Library Last of the Curlews Book Cover37Last of the CurlewsFred Bodsworth
New Canadian Library The Nymph and the Lamp Book Cover38The Nymph and the LampThomas H. Raddall
New Canadian Libray  Under the Ribs of Death Book Cover41Under the Ribs of DeathJohn Marlyn
New Canadian Library Son of a Smaller Hero Book Cover45Son of a Smaller HeroMordecai Richler
New Canadian Library Winter Studies and Summer Rambles in Canada Book Cover46Winter Studies and Summer Rambles in CanadaAnna Brownell Jameson
New Canadian Library Fruits of the Earth Book Cover49Fruits of the EarthFrederick Philip Grove
New Canadian Library Settlers of the Marsh Book Cover50Settlers of the MarshFrederick Philip Grove
New Canadian Library My Remarkable Uncle Book Cover53My Remarkable UncleStephen Leacock
New Canadian Library The Double Hook Book Cover54The Double HookSheila Watson
New Canadian Library Tiger Dunlop's Upper Canada Book Cover55Tiger Dunlop’s Upper CanadaWilliam Dunlop
New Canadian Library Wacousta Book Cover58WacoustaJohn Richardson
New Canadian Library The Stone Angel Book Cover59The Stone AngelMargaret Laurence
New Canadian Library The Golden Dog Book Cover65The Golden DogWilliam Kirby
New Canadian Library The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz Book Cover66The Apprenticeship of Duddy KravitzMordecai Richler
New Canadian Library A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder Book Cover68A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper CylinderJames De Mille
New Canadian Library The Tomorrow-Tamer Book Cover70The Tomorrow-TamerMargaret Laurence
New Canadian Library Winnowed Wisdom Book Cover74Winnowed WisdomStephen Leacock
New Canadian Library The Seats of the Mighty Book Cover75The Seats of the MightyHoratio Gilbert Parker
New Canadian Library A Search for America Book Cover76A Search for AmericaFrederick Philip Grove
New Canadian Library Mad Shadows Book Cover78Mad ShadowsMarie-Claire Blais
New Canadian Libray The Incomparable Atuk Book Cover79The Incomparable AtukMordecai Richler
New Canadian Library Lord Nelson Tavern Book Cover84Prochain EpisodeHubert Aquin
New Canadian Library The End of the World and Other Stories Book Cover91The End of the World and Other StoriesMavis Gallant
New Canadian Library In the Village of Viger Book Cover92In the Village of VigerDuncan Campbell Scott
New Canadian Library The Edible Woman Book Cover93The Edible WomanMargaret Atwood
New Canadian Library A Bird in the House Book Cover96A Bird in the HouseMargaret Laurence
New Canadian Library Tay John Book Cover105Tay JohnHoward O’Hagan
New Canadian Library The Hidden Mountain Book Cover109The Hidden MountainGabrielle Roy
New Canadian Library A Jest of God Book Cover111A Jest of GodMargaret Laurence
New Canadian Library Glengarry School Days Book Cover118Glengarry School DaysRalph Connor
New Canadian Library The Plouffe Family Book Cover119The Plouffe FamilyRoger Lemelin
New Canadian Library Windflower Book Cover120WindflowerGabrielle Roy
New Canadian Library Pandora Book Cover123PandoraSylvia Fraser
New Canadian Library House of Hate Book Cover124House of HatePercy Janes
New Canadian Library Sawbones Memorial Book Cover145Sawbones MemorialSinclair Ross
New Canadian Library The Diviners Book Cover146The DivinersMargaret Laurence
New Canadian Library Beautiful Losers Book Cover153Beautiful LosersLeonard Cohen
New Canadian Library The Scorched Wood People Book Cover156The Scorched Wood PeopleRudy Henry Wiebe
New Canadian Library Lord Nelson Tavern Book Cover158Lord Nelson TavernRay Smith
New Canadian Library Bloodt Harvest Book Cover164Bloody HarvestGrahame Woods
New Canadian Library The Neighbour and Other Stories Book Cover165The Neighbour and Other StoriesNaim Kattan
New Canadian Library Sandbars Book Cover167SandbarsOonah McFee
New Canadian Library Selected Stories of John Metcalf Book Cover168Selected Stories of John MetcalfJohn Metcalf
New Canadian Library The Angel of the Tar Sands Book Cover169The Angel of the Tar SandsRudy Henry Wiebe
New Canadian Library The Sweet Second Summer of Kitty Malone Book Cover171The Sweet Second Summer of Kitty MaloneMatt Cohen
New Canadian Library Bear Book Cover172BearMarian Engel
New Canadian Library The Book of Eve Book Cover177The Book of EveConstance Beresford-Howe
New Canadian Library The Channel Shore Book Cover178The Channel ShoreCharles Bruce
New Canadian Library Judith Book Cover182JudithAritha van Herk
New Canadian Library The Lark in the Clear Air Book Cover186The Lark in the Clear AirDennis T. Patrick Sears
New Canadian Library Lives of Short Duration Book Cover187Lives of Short DurationDavid Adams Richards
New Canadian Library A Population of One Book Cover188A Population of OneConstance Beresford-Howe
New Canadian Library Lunatic Villas Book Cover189Lunatic VillasMarian Engel
New Canadian Library The Tiger in the Tiger Pit Book Cover194The Tiger in the Tiger PitJanette Turner-Hospital
New Canadian Library The Tent Peg Book Cover196The Tent PegAritha van Herk

NCL Series Three Originals in my Collection

Book CoverSeries NumberBook TitleAuthor
New Canadian Library Poets of the Confederation Book CoverO1Poets of the ConfederationMalcolm Ross (Editor)
New Canadian Library Poets Between the Wars Book CoverO5Poets Between the WarsMilton Wilson (Editor)
New Canadian Library Poets of Contemporary Canada Book CoverO7Poets of Contemporary CanadaEli Mandel (Editor)

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