NPCC – Intertidal Life by Audrey Thomas

Intertidal Life by Audrey Thomas (New Press Canadian Classics) front coverIntertidal Life

From the Back Cover:

Praise for Audrey Thomas’s writing:

“Thomas has a faultless ear for dialogue, for how people sound…And she has a camera eye for physical detail.” Margaret Atwood

“Audrey Callahan Thomas’s specialty is not a region but a gender. She is intensely, assertively feminine…Mrs. Thomas’s perceptions…are brilliant.” New York Times Book Review

“The author’s writing is stylistically brilliant.” Publisher’s Weekly

“Audrey Thomas is not a romantic, nor is she a narrow satirist of false sophistication. She is a realist and a terrible comedian who exposes her characters in a light like ‘the intense glare of the sun against the white walls of the houses’.” Jane Rule, The Globe & Mail

Audrey Thomas is the winner of the 1985 Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize.

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