NCL 82 – Peace Shall Destroy Many by Rudy Wiebe

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Peace Shall Destroy Many  was not included in Series One.

Peace Shall Destroy Many by Rudy Wiebe (New Canadian Library N82) front coverSeries Two

From the Back Cover:

Peace Shall Destroy Many is the saga of a small group of Mennonites who have fled privation and hardship in Russia to settle in the rich farm lands of Saskatchewan. Conflicts between the disciplined, peaceful dedication of their thriving community and the increasingly powerful threats and challenges from the war-torn world of 1944, reveal a lurking violence beneath the surface of the settlement’s life, with its rigid adherence to ancient traditions of non-violence.

The ebb and flow of these conflicts and their effect on this intensely religious people, are described with great vibrancy and empathy by Rudy Wiebe, an important, established novelist and a Mennonite himself, who writes with deep insight and understanding of his own people.

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