NCL 88 – The Deserter by Douglas LePan

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The Deserter  was not included in Series One.

The Deserter by Douglas LePan (New Canadian Library N88) front coverSeries Two

From the Back Cover:

Returned from the ravages of war, met with a city that offers him only despair, a young man finds himself caught between two opposed worlds – the ordered but empty everyday life of “schedules and obligations,” – and the hellish chaos of the city’s underside, a dark world of brutality and vice. Gripped with a restless passion for perfection, haunted by a brief and idealized instance of love with a beautiful woman, the hero of this poetic, experimental novel lives out in a modern context that most universal of myths, the descent into the underworld to experience initiations and ordeals, returning with new understanding to the upper world.

In 1953, Douglas LePan won the Governor-General’s Award for poetry, for his collection, The Net and the Sword. The Deserter, his only novel, was published in 1964, the same year he became Principal of University College, Toronto. He retired from this post in 1970 and continues as a professor on the staff of the College’s English Department.

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