NCL 89 – Antoinette de Mirecourt by Rosanna Leprohon

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Antoinette de Mirecourt  was not included in Series One.

Antoinette de Mirecourt by Rosanna Leprohon (New Canadian Library N89) front coverSeries Two

From the Back Cover:

Originally published in English in 1864, yet acknowledged by French-Canada as a classic of its literature, Antoinette de Mirecourt occupies a singular position in the literature of Canada. This unique product of Quebec’s bilingualism and biculturalism tells an intriguing story of love and French-English social conflict in the years following the Conquest of 1760. Major and minor characters come alive against vividly drawn scenes of Montreal and its vicinity during that period. Sharp, witty dialogue and lyric descriptions of the city and its seasons are woven into a novel that possesses a depth and texture rare in the early literature of Canada. This edition makes the novel available in English for the first time since 1864.

Rosanna Leprohon’s poems and stories earned great popularity in both French- and English-speaking sectors of pre-Confederation Canada. Her work stands as a valuable contribution to the formation of a thriving Canadian literature.

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