NCL 90 – Allegro by Felix Leclerc

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Allegro was not included in Series One.

Allegro by Felix Leclerc (New Canadian Library N90) front coverSeries Two

From the Back Cover:

Felix Leclerc’s Quebec is a harmonious and beautiful rustic and industrious. However, disaster can and does fall, especially on those who try to go beyond the bounds set by their Creator. It is a place where spiders are highwaymen to passing insects, where the cicadas have dancehalls and the houseflies have cinemas. Here, the distinctive habitant lifestyle and values are presented in terms of animals, insects, and hard-working, and religious as the peasant-like people themselves. More descriptive, more meditative than traditional fables, these stories extol the merits of the vanishing past. Throughout this collection, the author offers a clear and simple morality with poetic precision and loving detail.

Felix Leclerc, well-known in English Canada especially for his poems and songs, wrote this important contribution to Quebec folklore in the early 1940’s. This volume is the first translation of his literary work into English.

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