NCL 94 – In Search of Myself by Frederick Philip Grove

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In Search of Myself  was not included in Series One.

In Search of Myself by Frederick Philip Grove (New Canadian Library N94) front coverSeries Two

From the Back Cover:

Frederick Philip Grove is yet the typical perhaps even the archetypal Canadian…He was not just a writer who happened to be writing in Canada. He was a Canadian writer….” Thus critic Malcolm Ross describes the man who is perhaps the most puzzling figure in Canadian letters. Grove’s autobiography is a strange amalgam of fact and fiction, of seemingly inexplicable contradictions, concealments, high artistic ideals, agonizing personal doubts, and insecurities. This new edition of his fascinating life story contains clarifications by the noted Grove scholar and critic D.O. Spettigue, who resolves confusions in his introduction and commentary on the text.

Grove, a man of burning ambition, in the end saw himself as defeated by circumstances and his own weaknesses. But it is not a sense of failure that the reader is left with in this remarkable work. Rather one comes away with a sense of the creative will reasserting itself in the face of adversity. And more, one perceives an man who, strangely enough, did reveal himself to Canadians – and Canadians to themselves.

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