NCL 98 – Pride’s Fancy by Thomas Raddall

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Pride’s Fancy was not included in Series One.

Pride's Fancy by Thomas H. Raddall (New Canadian Library N98) front coverSeries Two

From the Back Cover:

In Pride’s Fancy, Thomas Raddall combines all the excitement and splendour of historic romance with the creative aims of the novel. It is a tribute to his art that the book can be enjoyed on either level. The action speaks for itself – a Negro uprising, a search for missing treasure on the Spanish Main, hotly contested sea-fights, sword-play, and suspense that is resolved only on the last pages. Insinuated into this colourful framework are the deeper tensions of man’s struggle for integrity, vision, and mastery of his own fate. The reader is subtly, inevitably drawn back to the roots of this nation, to the causes and effects of war, to the conflicts between humanism and commercialism. As Fred Cogswell notes on his introduction: “…during the past two centuries something in our heritage that was very precious has been allowed to slip away and be lost…Thomas H. Raddall so very much about our past because he wants us to know both where we lost our way and how precious was the way which we lost.”

Three-times winner of the Governor-General’s Award, Thomas H. Raddall has enjoyed over thirty years of critical acclaim and general popularity. His published works embrace short stories, novels and histories. Other titles by Mr. Raddall are available in the New Canadian Library.

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