NCL 100 – Above Ground by Jack Ludwig

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Above Ground  was not included in Series One.

Above Ground by Jack Ludwig (New Canadian Library N100) front coverSeries Two

From the Back Cover:

Exulting in life as few novels do, Jack Ludwig’s Above Ground tells the memorable story of Josh, a man devoted to love, sex, and life, a man who roars with lusty pleasure, defiant in the face of pain and death. The novels infectious commitment to hope and to life is matched in its appeal by the superb prose style that has placed Jack Ludwig among the foremost contemporary authors. Imaginative and sensuous language, deft, vivid characterizations, and an unerring sense of humour draw the reader willingly and pleasurably into the world that is being created. It is a world peopled by fascinating characters, almost all of whom work themselves into Josh’s, and the reader’s, affections. As Margaret Laurence notes in her introduction to this novel, which made its first appearance in 1968: “These portraits are done with such a sense of caring, such ironic humour, and in such brief and telling brushstrokes, that it becomes plain that this kind of character portrayal is Ludwig’s finest talent.”

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