NCL 103 – Wind Without Rain by Selwyn Dewdney

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Wind Without Rain was not included in Series One.

Wind Without Rain by Selwyn Dewdney (New Canadian Library N103) front coverSeries Two

From the Back Cover:

In creating the town of West Kirby, Selwyn Dewdney did for Canada and southern Ontario what Sinclair Lewis did for the United States and mid-west America. In the context of one regional high school, its students, staff, and community setting, Dewdney has defined a crucial aspect of life and portrayed the soul-destroying effect of crude and materialistic small-mindedness. In Angus Macdonald he has created a figure of strength whose struggle, hindered by flaws and failings, is nonetheless valiant, committed, ennobling. The imposing J. C. Bilbeau, on the other hand, is an ogrish slave to the mill of success and efficient, de-humanised bureaucracy. And young John Westley vacillates painfully between both instincts, struggling with the elements of his world until the violent climax of the novel and his agonized, redemptive decision.

Wind Without Rain first appeared in 1946, yet it is still prophetic and in every relevant.

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