NCL 114 – Our Daily Bread by Frederick Philip Grove

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Our Daily Bread  was not included in Series One.

Our Daily Bread by Frederick Philip Grove (New Canadian Library N114) front coverSeries Two

From the Back Cover:

Charged with an awareness of the forces shaping the Canadian character, Our Daily Bread has been praised by critic Desmond Pacey as “Grove’s finest novel.” Within the pages of this book, the author of The Master of the Mill and Settlers of the Marsh works out the tragic story of John Elliot, a turn-of-the-century prairie patriarch, struggling with the elements of faith and nature. Caught in a clash between the generations, Elliot’s most precious vision fades as his family breaks up and the growth of commerce and exhaustion of the soil alter the basic fibre of prairie existence.

A unique rendering of a basic human dilemma, Our Daily Bread is a major achievement in the body of Grove’s work and a significant classic of Canadian literature.

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