NCL 131 – The Manawaka World of Margaret Laurence by Clara Thomas

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The Manawaka World of Margaret Laurence  was not included in Series One.

The Manawaka World of Margaret Laurence by Clara Thomas (New Canadian Library N131) front coverSeries Two

From the Back Cover:

The Diviners topped the bestselling lists for over sixty consecutive weeks, A Jest of God generated waves of appreciation both as a novel and as the widely heralded motion picture, Rachel, Rachel, and The Stone Angel’s impact is still being felt by new generations of readers. The setting or psychic point of departure for these three novels is the fictional town of Manawaka, a place name as familiar to Canadian Readers as is Toronto or Montreal or Mariposa. In a critical and biographical study, Clara Thomas demonstrates that Manawaka is the key to the imagination of one of Canada’s most important, most gifted writers. Illuminating the interplay between author, town, and literary achievement, The Manawaka World of Margaret Laurence is a book for the thousands who have enjoyed Margaret Laurence’s writings.

Clara Thomas is a biographer, literary critic and Professor of English at York University. Among her other works are Love and Work Enough: The Life of Anna Jameson, Ryerson of Upper Canada, and Our Nature, Our Voices: A Guidebook to English Canadian Literature.

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