NCL 132 – Consider Her Ways by Frederick Philip Grove

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Consider Her Ways was not included in Series One.

Consider Her Ways by Frederick Philip Grove (New Canadian Library N132) front coverSeries Two

From the Back Cover:

A laughing comment on all life, a book full of adventure and social significance, Consider Her Ways presents a radically different mode of writing by the celebrated author of Over Prairie Trails, The Master of the Mill, Our Daily Bread, and other Canadian classics. This mock-epic allegory depicts a man as he must appear if studied from and ant’s point of view, and Grove follows the satiric potential to its wry (yet buoyantly optimistic) limit. The fun begins with the discovery of an ant’s account of her journey to human civilization…and it doesn’t stop until Grove’s ironic observations on the humankind are cast in a sharp unarguable relief.

One of the most fascinating figures in the entire spectrum of Canadian literature, Frederick Philip Grove has written a dozen books and has himself been the subject of critical books and biographies.

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