NCL 150 – God’s Sparrows by Philip Child

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God’s Sparrows was not included in Series One.

God's Sparrows by Philip Child (New Canadian Library N150) front coverSeries Two

From the Back Cover:

A horrifying description of war, specifically as embodied in the vain and inglorious futility of World War One, God’s Sparrows is a novel rich in compassion and firm in its faith in the human spirit. Philip Child has created a Canadian family saga, a modern pilgrim’s progress in brutality, maintaining their ability to love and endure under the most agonizing circumstances. His book, first published in 1937, remains as stirring testimony to that ability. It offers profound insight into the experience of the First World War, not just as a catastrophe affecting his characters but as a crucible in which the whole of this nation found itself tried.

Philip Child is the author of five novels, one collection of shorter poems, and one book-length narrative poem. A veteran of the First World War, he taught for many years at the University of Toronto and now lives in retirement in Toronto.

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