NCL 165 – The Neighbour and Other Stories by Naim Kattan

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The Neighbour and Other Stories  was not included in Series One and Series Two.

The Neighbour and Other Stories by Naim Kattan (New Canadian Library N165) front coverSeries Three

From the Back Cover:

From the publication of his acclaimed novels, Farewell, Babylon and Paris Interlude, Naim Kattan is known to the reading public as an author perhaps unparalleled in his ability to portray the inner lives of men and women struggling to breach the solitude of contemporary life.

With The Neighbour and Other Stories, published as a collection for the first time in this New Canadian Library edition, Kattan achieves a new level of flawless, powerfully executed writing. These are stories about people locked in prisons of their own construction, poignant and evocative portraits of men and women whose sensuality and yearning for love are defeated by their own fears…people so vivid they remain to haunt the heart long after the book has been put aside.

Naim Kattan is perhaps the most cosmopolitan of Canadian writers.
“Very rarely have I seen the reality of subjective experience displayed with such understanding or with such artful simplicity – a simplicity that makes us feel we are looking through clear glass into the hearts of men and women who are strangers to us and to the world as well.” George Woodcock

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