NCL 167 – Sandbars by Oonah McFee

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Sandbars was not include in Series One and Series Two.

Sandbars by Oonah McFee (New Canadian Library N167) front coverSeries Three

From the Back Cover:

“To catch the process of growth and change and, yes, decay in fictional characters, and to communicate a sense of their reality as human individuals, through the medium of words, is, at least in my view, the highest goal of fiction, and Oonah McFee has achieved this goal.” Margaret Laurence

This award-winning bestselling novel is the bittersweet tale of a woman forced to come to terms with her past. It is a poignant and sensually evocative story.

For Hannah Watson, middle-aged, divorced, vulnerable, living in what she now feels is a darker, more alienated society, her sense of loss has become a lingering wound. Haunted by memory, searching her instincts to understand the power her past holds over her, Hannah embarks on an inner journey, and the family past she has searched for and mourns unfolds.

Late one night, memory is triggered by the accidental sound of a voice coming over shortwave radio. A stark, frightening recollection of a forgotten summer bursts upon her, and her pursuit of “all the lost time” soon becomes as inseparable from her breathing. She feels and hears again the so… family love; the innocence of spring, of sexual awakening, first love, marriage; the faith and trust of childhood, the pain and shock of life’s betrayals. In the end she is left to face a deep emotional truth in the violent coming together of memory and reality.

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