NCL 170 – The Innocent Traveller by Ethel Wilson

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The Innocent Traveler was not included in Series One and Series Two.

The Innocent Traveller by Ethel Wilson (New Canadian Library) front coverSeries Four

From the Back Cover:

THE INNOCENT TRAAVELLER chronicles the charmed life and turbulent times of Miss Topaz Edgeworth, one of the most delightful characters to appear in Canadian literature. Precocious in childhood, irrepressible in old age, Miss Edgeworth’s singular accomplishment is to live out an entire century with unflagging – and mostly oblivious – optimism. At once outmoded and unconventional, tyrannical and benign, Topaz leads, by and large, an unexamined life. But the magical quality of her consciousness, so poignantly revealed by Ethel Wilson’s stunning narrative technique, will endear her to every reader.

First published in 1949, THE INNOCENT TRAVELLER is perhaps Ethel Wilson’s most dazzling and original literary achievement.

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