NCL 189 – Lunatic Villas by Marian Engel

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Lunatic Villas  was not included in Series One and Series Two.

Lunatic Villas by Marian Engel (New Canadian Library N189) front coverSeries Three

From the Back Cover:

“A hilarious romp through the lunacies of modern urban life.” – Ottawa Citizen

Lunatic Villas is a chronicle of one year in the life of Harriet Ross; struggling freelance writer, keeper of a brood of seven fiendish children and focus of the bizarre comings and goings on “Ratsbone” Place, Toronto’s trendiest street of up-scale converted townhouses. Harriet wages custody battles with her ex-husband for their gang of drug-abusing, sexually active children, while coping with her two insane sisters, and accommodating bother her secret lover and an alcoholic writer-friend. Harriet feigns nothing when she signs one of her weekly magazine columns “Depressed Housewife.”

With a brilliant, subversive sense of humour, Marian Engel weaves the episodes of Harriet’s life into a warm and witty comment on human commitment in modern urban society.

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