NCL NN – Across the Bridge by Mavis Gallant

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Across the Bridge  was not included in Series One, Series Two or Series Three.

Across the Bridge by Mavis Gallant (New Canadian Library) front coverSeries Four

From the Back Cover:

Mavis Gallant is one of the world’s master fiction writers, and ACROSS THE BRIDGE is a masterful collection of short stories.

Four of the eleven stories are connected, following the fortunes of the Carette family in Montreal. In “1933” their widowed mother teaches Berthe and Marie to deny that she is a seamstress and to say instead that she was “clever with her hands.” In “The Chosen Husband” the luckless suitor Louis has to undergo the front-parlour scrutiny of Marie’s mother and sister. The reader then follows their marriage, the birth of Raymond’s flight from his mother ans aunt to his eventual role as a motel manager in Florida.

With the exception of “The Fenton Child” an eerie story set in postwar Montreal, all the other stories take place in the Paris Mavis Gallant knows so well.

First published in 1993, ACROSS THE BRIDGE is a superb collection of stories by a writer at the top of her form.

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