NCL NN – Digging Up the Mountains by Neil Bissoondath

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Digging Up the Mountains was not included in Series One, Series Two or Series Three.

Digging Up the Mountains by Neil Bissoondath (New Canadian Library) front coverSeries Five

From the Back Cover:

Whether the people of Digging Up the Mountains leave Trinidad or Japan, whether they live in Europe, Latin America, or Canada they share a naïve belief that a refugee finds a home. Yet when they leave one world, they bring that world with them to their new residence, “which, they always knew, would be temporary in the end.”

Digging Up the Mountains, a dazzling and haunting collection of short stories originally published in 1985, marks the brilliant debut of Neil Bissoondath, a major voice in Canadian fiction. Focussing on contemporary themes of cultural dislocation, revolution, and the shifting politics of the Third World, the stories resonate with Bissoondath’s compassion for people threatened by circumstances beyond their control.

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