NCL NN – Love and Salt Water by Ethel Wilson

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Love and Salt Water was not included in Series One, Series Two and Series Three

Love and Salt Water by Ethel Wilson (New Canadian Library) front coverSeries Four

From the Back Cover:

Ellen Guppy is the reluctant heroine of Ethel Wilson’s final novel, LOVE AND SALT WATER. Saddened by a painful childhood, Ellen has adopted a skeptical independence and learned too well to hold her heart in reserve. But, as the novel unfolds, Ellen undergoes something of a sea-change, learning to accept love along with the sorrow that is rarely far from love.

First published in 1956, LOVE AND SALT WATER is a mature and, at times, disturbing synthesis of Ethel Wilson’s major themes: the interdependence of human lives, the strange alchemy of chance, and the healing illumination of love.

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