NCL NN – The Alley Cat by Yves Beauchemin

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The Alley Cat was not included in Series One, Series Two or Series Three.

The Alley Cat by Yves Beauchemin (New Canadian Library) front coverSeries Four

From the Back Cover:

One of the most acclaimed novels of contemporary Canada, THE ALLEY CAT, first published in Quebec in 1981, is a comic masterpiece of storytelling in the tradition of the great English and European novels of the nineteenth century.

When Florent Boissonneault comes to the aid of an accident victim, his life changes forever. One onlooker, the powerful and sinister Egon Ratablavasky, comes to haunt Florent’s ambitions and dreams. Behind every opportunity, success, and failure in Florent’s life is the mysterious and ominous Egon Ratablavasky. Finally, obsessed by a need to free himself, Florent discovers how to fight back.

THE ALLEY CAT was made into a critically acclaimed motion picture in 1985 under its French title, Le Matou. [Yves Beauchemin]

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