LL 17 – Maria Chapdelaine by Louis Hémon

Maria Chapdelaine by Louis Hémon (Laurentian Library 17) front coverMaria Chapdelaine (LB)

From the Back Cover:

Maria Chapdelaine, a classic of Canadian literature, gives an incomparably true and beautiful picture of the French-Canadian habitant. The justly famous Blake translation has a lucid loveliness that is beautifully in accord with the moving story.

Anxious to learn about his fellow-countrymen who had crossed the sea centuries before, its author, Louis Hémon, came from Paris to Quebec and spent many months in the Lake St. John region. Here he shared the lives and labours of the people and quietly reaped a harvest of observations for the book that was taking shape in his mind. Maria Chapdelaine was written in Montreal but was first published in Paris in 1914 after the author’s tragic death. At first the book made little stir and it was not until 1921, when a new edition appeared in France and translations were made into other languages, that Hémon’s name was carried around the world.

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