NPCC – Pélage by Antonine Maillet

Pélage by Antonine Maillet (New Press Canadian Classics) front coverPélage

From the Back Cover:

Praise for Pélage:

“The English version of ‘Pélage’ is brilliant” The Montreal Gazette

“Antonine Maillet’s Acadian odyssey is a triumph of story-telling – an affirmation, above all, of the vitality and significance of the spoken word.” Books in Canada

“Already a bestsellers in Europe and Quebec, Pélage…adds a fresh dimension to Canadian literature. It’s a work to be treasured and read by anyone who wants to know the many-layered soul of this country.” The Calgary Herald

“Like other modern folk tales by the likes of Italo Calvino, Isaac Babel, or Isaac Bashevis Singer, it is a moving and amusing story of underdogs kicking back at fate.” The Winnipeg Free Press

Pélage is the story of a small band of Acadians driven into exile by the British in 1755. After living in Georgia for fifteen years, Pélage LeBlanc, “a stiff-necked, proud-browed” widow, packs her family and possessions into an ox cart and starts the long journey home to Acadie.

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