LL 15 – Strange Fugitive by Morley Callaghan

Strange Fugitive by Morley Callaghan (Laurentian Library 15) front coverStrange Fugitive

From the Back Cover:

The narrow, provincial Toronto of the late 1920s – the era of jazz, speakeasies, and bootleggers – is the setting of Morley Callaghan’s first novel, originally published in 1928.

Harry Trotter is a foreman in a lumber yard, but in his inarticulate way he is restless and discontented. His job gives him a small prestige but he seeks a sense of greater power, and at the same time a spiritual release. When he loses his job he tries sporadically to find another that will gratify his sense of importance. Feeling stifled by his marriage and his wife’s modest social ambitions, he leaves her and turns to another woman. Then through a chance incident he becomes a successful bootlegger, but is quickly caught up in ruthless gang rivalry, and ultimately murder, always struggling with the conflicting emotions that make him a “strange fugitive”.

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