LL 12 – The Many Colored Coat by Morley Callaghan

The Many Colored Coat by Morley Callaghan (Laurentian Library 12) front coverThe Many Colored Coat

From the Back Cover:

Set in contemporary Montreal, this unusual and disturbing novel concerns three men and the strange entanglement of their lives: Harry Lane, the young and popular public relations officer for a large distillery; Scotty Bowman, a middle-aged and vaguely disappointed bank manager; and Mike Kon, former boxer turned tailor. Scotty envies Harry’s freewheeling, exciting life, and gradually insinuates himself into the younger man’s friendship. Then Harry falls from his high position, not by greed or corruption, but by his own innocence and what he believes to be his sense of honour. Wearing a shabby, ill-made suit that becomes his badge of righteousness, Harry struggles to vindicate himself. But his efforts only drive him further from the comfortable world of the past – and from the superficial values and false illusions on which so much of modern society rests.

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