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Maria Chapdelaine by Louis Hémon (Stoddart/CPC) front coverMaria Chapdelaine

From the Back Cover:

Written in 1913, this traditional love story continues to captivate readers around the world.

Maria Chapdelaine is a novel that celebrates the pioneers who moved north into the Lake St. John region to hack a living from the cold thin soil. Samuel Chapdelaine is one such pioneer, a man with a constant urge to tame new territory. Another is François Paradis, the trapper loved by young Maria Chapdelaine. When Paradis dies, Maria has to choose between a local farmer, who can only offer her more of the same harsh life, and another suitor, bound for the bright lights an luxury of Boston. Her choice, and the rest of the action in this novel, are conducted against a loving yet realistic backdrop of the scenes and activities of the rural year.

Louis Hémon came from Paris to Quebec and spent many months in the Lake St. John region north of Quebec City. There he shared the lives and labours of the habitants, amassing material that was first published in Paris in 1914, after Hémon’s tragic death in a train accident in Ontario.

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