MP 18 – Sajo and the Beaver People by Grey Owl

Sajo and the Beaver People by Grey Owl (Macmillan Paperback 18) front coverSajo and the Beaver People

From the Back Cover:

The Best book of its kind since Black Beauty.” – Compton Mackenzie, Daily Mail

The “beaver people” are represented in this book by Chilawee and Chikanee, two beaver kittens, whose names mean “Big Small” and “Little Small”. Rescued by an Indian hunter after their home dam had been broken by an invading otter, they are taken home to his daughter Sajo and his son Shapian and become the beloved pets of the whole Indian village. Their adventures with the children and their final reunion with the parent beaver make a story that is truly irresistible. It is authentic, full of fascinating detail about the merry, industrious animals the Indians call “The Little Brothers”, and decorated with numerous sketches and diagrams by the author.

This book, written in 1935 for his little daughter, Dawn, is one of the five books by Archibald Stansfeld Belaney, the legendary “Grey Owl”. Although born in England, he came in time to believe that he was an Indian and chose to live in remote areas of Quebec, Ontario, and Alberta surrounded by the woods and animals he loved. His books and his highly successful lecture tours made him a world-famous figure, and to millions of Europeans his buckskin-clad figure represented the romance and freedom of the Canadian woods.

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